Teaching Methodology

As an educator, I firmly believe in challenging every student to the highest standard while providing differentiated instruction or assistance to each student.  Regardless of availability of resources, it is every student’s right to have a good education and it is my job to do everything I can to achieve that.

During my field work in methods, I have implemented technology integration for the journalism class and have tried to find ways to do so for ninth grade English, despite our limited resources.  In this digital age, it is crucial that students learn computer literacy skills for writing, presenting, and reading new information.  I want to integrate technology into lessons in meaningful ways, so students have exposure to the technology and know how to utilize a skill that can help in the academic setting or future careers.

I also believe in providing rigorous assessment for students.  Rigorous assessment does not always mean it has to be typical multiple choice tests.  I have created assessments designed after the PARCC multiple choice questions, but I have also designed essay questions that allow for students to expand on their thinking and display their knowledge of the reading and their writing skills.  Assessment needs to cover all of the key areas of the ELA standards and should be varied, so students see multiple types of assessments and can respond to the texts in multiple ways.

I have also reflected on my lessons after I have taught them.  I discuss them with my cooperating teacher to get a second opinion on what I did well, what I could do better, and additional ideas.  I also reflect on lessons and classes after I teach them and always look for at least one thing I did well and one thing to improve on.  My binder of lesson plans and materials is just as full of sticky notes and annotations in margins with notes about how the lessons fared and how they could do better next time I use them.  Just as rewriting is the majority of writing, the majority of teaching is reflecting and revising and constantly looking for ways to improve the teaching practice.


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