December 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Mallory is one of my Resident Assistants at Ohio University and she is an invaluable asset to my team. The Resident Assistant position entails a combination of administrative detail, creative programming, strong leadership, and effective interpersonal communication. Mallory excels at each of those skills. She is always the first to take initiative and does not shy away from hard work. She utilizes her creative programming skills to foster a community of respect, security, and comfort in our residence hall. Her residents enjoy her company and use her as a resource for information. Mallory is hardworking and dedicated. She is able to easily balance her schoolwork load with the demands of the Resident Assistant position. Mallory takes pride in her schoolwork and always makes sure that she puts her academia first. Her attitude toward her education makes her a great role model for our First-Year students.

Mallory possesses leadership skills that are useful when a decision has to be made on my staff. She is a great listener and offers useful advice when necessary. She is a great mediator and problem solver. Mallory’s energy and enthusiasm is an asset to my staff and she would be an asset to your program. Mallory works tirelessly to produce the best work possible and you will not be disappointed with her dedication.



Bretagne Ballard

Bretagne Ballard

Residential Coordinator

Ohio University


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