Cover Letter

Mallory Kessen

95 Richland Avenue, Room 313

Athens, OH, 45701


November 4, 2013

Principal Jeff Brokamp

Walnut Hills High School

3250 Victory Pkwy

Cincinnati, OH, 45207

Dear Principal Jeff Brokamp,

I am happy to contact you about the position of high school English teacher. I attended Walnut Hills High School and am very loyal to both the school and the district. Walnut Hills was instrumental in inspiring my love for learning and desire to achieve as much as possible; now I want to give back and support future Walnut Hills students to carry on Walnut’s tradition of rising to the highest.

In May, I will graduate from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Language Arts Education, which has prepared me to teach diverse learners in English, drama, journalism, speech, and creative writing. While attending Ohio University, I have also worked to become a more well rounded learner, earning a minor in Art History and certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies and Diversity Studies. I am a well-rounded candidate who has worked with a variety of students from rural, suburban, and urban backgrounds.

I thrive in a diverse and rigorous setting, and I believe in doing everything within my power to help my students. I can adapt to any situation or find the best method to assist students in becoming life long learners.

I am confident that I am an excellent candidate for this position. Please refer to my enclosed resume and references. To contact me, call 513-254-7411 or email me at I would also like to refer you to my website listed above for more of my work. To follow up on my candidacy, I will call you on November 11th at 3 pm. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mallory Kessen



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