Welcome to my blog!  

My name is Mallory Kessen.  The purpose of this blog is to provide myself with a professional, sleek, and organized way of presenting my ideas for teaching high school English.  I encourage everyone including principals, professors, fellow teachers, and students to take a look around and get to know me a bit better as a person and an educator.

I am a senior AYA Integrated Language Arts Education major at Ohio University.  While attending Ohio University, I have also earned an Art History minor, a Women and Gender’s Studies certificate, and a Diversity Studies teaching certificate.  I have worked as an office assistant in the English department for three years as well as a Resident Assistant for two years.  When I have some down time, I love to write, read, run, and play video games.  I have over 550 hours of in-class experience and will be student teaching this spring.

If you would like, you are welcome to contact me at to discuss ideas you have, ideas you see on this page, or anything else that interests us.


Mallory Kessen


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